Number of Events: 4

Society Of Textile Engineers

About the Society

TEX-STYLE is the society of Textile students which is committed for supporting and developing the study of Textile discipline in the college. The society works for organizing events and workshops for students to give them a technological extravaganza.To facilitate the creation of strong bond among students, alumni and the department. It aims to make the textile engineers aware of their role in the society with an awareness of ethical values.

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Student Coordinator:

  • Ria


List of Events


ESTHETIQUE'18 is the fashion show and the theme of the show is technical.

General Rules
  • 1. Esthetique is a technical theme based show open to college students of any program with valid ID proofs.
  • 2. Each team must composed of max 25 members and minimum 18 members including one person for sound.
  • 3. No person should be a part of multiple team.
  • 4. Vulgarity of any kind would lead to disqualification from the event. If judges find any vulgarity in any costume or stunt, then team will disqualify at that moment.
  • 5. Use of cigarettes, alcohol, water , fire and animal will not be allowed on the stage. Any unfair means is strongly prohibited.
  • 6. The teams are required to bring in their own music in pen drives and should hand over it to the organizers before 2 hours of the event.
  • 7. For use of props team must consult the organizing committee beforehand.

INOTEX(2-4 Members)

This event will be conducted in one round. The participants have to present a poster and a power-point presentation on selected topics related to advancement in textile. Some illustrated topics mentioned here.

Electronic textile, Medical textile, Conductive textile, Smart textile, Geo textile, Technical textile, High performance textile, Nanotechnology, etc.

  1. Topic must be relevant to advancement in textile and can be from any field.

  2. Participants have to come prepared with poster and power point presentation based on the theme and will be allowed 3-5 minutes to present the presentation.
  3. Number of days: 1

Tex Arrass(1-3 members)

The event is divided into two parts.

Round 1: Button Art

The participants will be provided with buttons and fabric and they have to make an art on fabric.

Round 2: Wall Hanging

The participants will be provided with material like button, beads, ropes, thread, fabric etc. and they have to make wall hanging with it.

Tear with Textile(1-3 members)

The event is divided into two parts.

Round 1: Best out of Waste

The participants will be provided with waste fabric along with some decorative items like buttons, beads, thread, and they have to make useful thing from it.

Round 2: Denim Ripping

The participants will be provided with denim fabric and they have to make a design on it with help of scissors, blade and sandpaper etc.